Prioclean-Giloy Immunity Biscuits

Giloy based Immunity Biscuits

Giloy Immunity Biscuits

With high fibre and low sugar content
Gives Clear Skin

Helps to give clear skin with regular consumption

Improves Digestion

Aids in improving Digestion

Boosts Immunity

Boosts immunity through regular consumption

100% Vegetarian

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Giloy Immunity Biscuits
High Fibre

Rich in high fibre to promote good diet

Made in India

Proudly a part of Swasth Bharat Abhiyan


Prioclean Giloy Immunity Biscuits

Neem is renowned for its immunity and anti oxidant properties when taken as a edible herb. Haldi is well known for its benefits of anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and is recognized as am immunity booster.


Ingredients- Neem Leaves Extract; Haldi Oil; High Fibre-Ragi Atta and Wheat Flour; Low Sugar Content; Cow ghee; Cinnamon Oil 

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