TYC Long lush Hair Mask

Organic Oil Mask for Hair Fall Control and Hair Growth

Long lush Hair Mask

Ayurvedic Lepan for Hairs
Reduce Hair Fall

An effective classical ayurvedic lepan helps to increase volume & lenght of hair, Helps to Reduce hair breakage & hairfall.

Reduces Hair Dryness

Boabab & Pomegranate control Telogen phase & controls hair fall ,Improve activity of hair follicles stabilising the scalp ph,Helps Reducing hair dryness & control frizz.

no Parabens

Contains no parabens, mineral oil, color or silicones and helps to deliver maximum benefit.

Hair Type

Coarse, Oily, Aging, Dry, Curly, Fine, Normal, Thin

Hair Mask
Strengthens Hair

It nourish the roots and revitalize the scalp that balances natural hair growth. The product is designed mainly to over-come the issues generally faced by everyone like- dandruff, hair fall, hair breakage, less hair volume, roughness in hair.

How to Use

Comb and detangle your hair, Apply mask on the scalp & hair shaft Lightly comb & leave atleast 2-3 hours, or upto overnight if possible. Rinse and wash with a shampoo.

long lush mask
long lush mask how to use

Long lush Hair Mask

TYC Long Lush Oil Mask
An effective classical ayurvedic lepan:
– Helps to Increase volume & length of hair.
– Helps Reducing hair breakage.
– Helps Controlling hairfall.

Helps to:
– Control Telogen phase & reduces hair fall within 30 days of regular application.
– Repair hair damaged due to hair treatments.
– Improve activity of hair follicles stabilising the scalp ph.
– Makes hair cuticles healthier & increases hair density.
– Reduce dryness & control frizz.
– Make hair smoother & shiner.
– Manage hair easily.

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