TYC Buddy Shampoo with Baobab Protein

Sulphate Free, Made With Organic Baobab Protein and Red Onion Extract

TYC Baobab Buddy Shampoo

Hair Fall Control Shampoo For Men and Women
Sulphate Free

It is a Suphate Free Shampoo made with Ecocert Organic Baobab protein

Helps in Hair Repair

Gently cleanses and works to restore moisture to hair while protecting hair from colour fade, daily stresses and future damage.

Nourishes Hair

Helps provide the right protein nourishment from root to tip, Revitalizes and Nourishes

Hair Type

Coarse, Oily, Aging, Dry, Curly, Fine, Normal, Thin

Baobab buddy shampoo
Strengthens Hair

A pH balanced organic formulation, it helps to strengthen hair strands

Protects Hair

Helps to repair environmental degradation.

buddy shampoo details

TYC-Baobab Buddy Shampoo

To combat the damaging effects of our crazy choc-o-block lifestyle, pollution, stress and hormonal imbalance. TYC’s Baobab Buddy Shampoo acts as the only solution that helps to strengthen, protect, clean, repair and rejuvenate all types of hair back to happiness! The multi-purpose Baobab Buddy Shampoo helps retain nourishment and provides essential protein that improves hair strands and minimizes frizz by everyday use. Suitable for all ages and hair types. The natural foaming agent also smoothens hair and cleans effectively yet gently. Supports normal oil secretion: Most shampoos contain synthetic ingredients that produce a ‘build-up’ effect on the scalp when used daily. This affects the scalp’s normal oil secretion. TYC shampoo is free of chemicals that cause scalp build-up, thus facilitating normal oil secretion.



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