TYC-Anti Ageing Shampoo

Hair Damage Control Shampoo For Men & Women

TYC-Anti Ageing Shampoo

Herbal Aqua and BAOBAB Protein Natural Shampoo | Sulphate Free, Silicon Free, Paraben Free - 300 ML
Protects Hair from UV Damage

It is a multi functional, anti-aging solution that helps hair from UV damage

Helps in Hair Repair

The natural repair property of Baobab protein helps to protect hair strands

Made with Herbal Aqua

Sulphate free, silicon free, Paraben free shampoo. Made with "Herbal Aqua" and BAOBAB

Hair Type

Coarse, Oily, Aging, Dry, Curly, Fine, Normal, Thin

anti ageing shampoo
Strengthens Hair

Strengthens thin and weak hair, minimizes frizz

Hair Moisturizer

It moisturizes dry hair and nourishes hair from root to tip

anti ageing shampoo
anti ageing shampoo ingredients

TYC-Anti Ageing Shampoo

From ultra-fine to coarse, curly, dry and oily all hair types are prone to damage and ageing at some stage. TYC’s Anti-Aging BAOBAB Shampoo is a multi-functional anti-ageing solution that helps protect from UV damage, moisturizes dry hair and nourishes from the root to the tip. The natural repair property of baobab helps to protect the hair strand, promising no damage and minimizes frizz to render 100% protein adherence to the cortex of the hair. Suitable for all ages and hair types.
Whatever your complaints may be, TYC’s Anti-Aging Baobab Shampoo could well be the hero you are looking for.
TYC shampoo is made from naturally derived hair-protein friendly foaming agents that are gentle on your hair and scalp. Natural foaming agent: Most shampoos consist of chemical-based foaming agents that are harsh on keratin or the hair’s natural protein fibres. TYC shampoo has a foaming agent derived from natural ingredients. This natural foaming agent is safe and gentle on the hair and scalp, protecting the hair’s natural keratin. The natural foaming agent also smoothens hair and cleans effectively yet gently. Supports normal oil secretion: Most shampoos contain synthetic ingredients that produce a ‘build-up’ effect on the scalp when used daily. This affects the scalp’s normal oil secretion. TYC shampoo is free of chemicals that cause scalp build-up, thus facilitating normal oil secretion.



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